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B.E.E. providing Educational Experiences for the community.


The H.I.V.E is where you build your future. Join Us Today.

All HIVE Courses are Core Subjects, integrated with the Arts and backed with Junior Achievement Programs



Upcoming Programs

Great for a field trip.


Urban Workshop Open House

At 3:00 pm
365-A Clinton Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Dickens Christmas Carol

At 10:30 am
32222 Del Obispo San Juan Capistrano, CA

MidSummer Night Dream – LA Troupe Thur

At 12:00 pm
32222 Del Obispo San Juan Capistrano

MidSummer Night Dream – LA Troupe

At 12:00 pm
32222 Del Obispo San Juan Capistrano

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Why Choose Us

Educational NonProfit

Administration – BEE is a 501 c3 educational nonprofit with tax exempt status and a certificate of compliance – this allows us the possibility to rent space from other like organizations and more…

Other benefits/possibilities for partnering together:

  • General liability insurance coverage
  • Charter approval
  • Preferred vendor program
  • Brokering of high cost/valued experiences
  • Economy of scale

Educational Planning

Brokerage of specific classes between parents’ desire, nearby location and professionals on staff.

What can we help you plan for next year?

  • Electives scheduled per parent suggested day/time and location
  • Classes integrating Arts for cognitive learning and access to all 4 art disciplines.
  • Interdisciplinary Days (Learning Labs – one day experience of building skills in a specific core subject with access to multiple art disciplines in one day. For instance: Language Arts: Beatrix Potter Day.
  • Special Assemblies –
    • Educational Live Performing Arts programs brought from Segerstrom Center – only available if you can afford it
    • Yearly event for student marketplace and much more

HomeSchool Initiative for Vocational Education

Private School Umbrella – H.I.V.E.

  • Core classes taught with Arts Integration
  • Personalized curriculum guidance
  • Cumulative File (pending)
  • Professional Development for better learning experiences
  • Parent Driven community – field trips, Mom’s club, park days, special events and more  (pending)
  • Career and Vocational student guidance and experiences

Customization of Educational Services

Courses – customized classes

Special assemblies for schools and groups

Open House at Urban Workshop Sept 9

Join us on September 9th, 2015 from 3:00 pm until 8:00 pm at the Urban workshop location. (365-A Clinton St, Costa Mesa, California 92626) Come and learn more how your student can attain life skills through BEE and Urban Workshop classes. Level 1 – 12 Week Youth Learn and Build Program

Announcing classes in partnership with Urban Workshop

Announcing the opportunity through B.E.E. for your students to participate in a 12 Week Youth Learn and Build S.T.E.M. Program – Level 1. This once a week beginner program is designed to create a relaxed and pressure-free environment in which students learn to use a wide selection of hand tools with a variety of materials. Each class will introduce participants to a new style of tool, and provide a project which will cultivate each new skill.

Welcome to Your Student’s Future!

Recognizing that the needs of students has not caught up with the needs of the economic world and in the life-long ability for self-sustenance.